An Introvert at Church

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My wife and I are introverts. Not the stare-at-our-shoes kind of introvert, or the slightly less awkward stare-at-your-shoes kind of introvert. We are social, high-functioning introverts and enjoy being around people. But it drains us, and we need people-free time to recharge.

As Christians, then, Sundays are particularly tiring. We love the fellowship of the saints, so Hebrews 10:25 is not a burden, but a joy! Still, we usually spend the rest of Sunday in recovery, trying to rest before the work week arrives with all its demands.

Today, for the third week, our family worshiped together in our living room, watching a pre-recorded service of Desert Springs Church. For an introvert, that’s pretty nice! No need to figure out seating like a logic puzzle (“If A wants to sit next to B, and C wants to sit next to D and E, but B can’t stand D…”), no driving to and from church with rowdy kids, and no having to get everyone dressed and fed before dawn (my kids are prone to exaggeration).

In most ways, this quarantine has been pleasant. We don’t need to fear for our jobs, we homeschool, so having kids at home isn’t new, and we’ve had plenty of time with our social calendar freed up. Social distancing comes natural to us introverts. I imagine many others have not had it this easy. Relationally, our extrovert friends are probably drained by the creeping loneliness that is just barely kept at bay with social media and video conferencing apps.

Together with our church family, we are looking forward to meeting again in person. What a sweet time that will be, after so much isolation! When we do, the introvert’s struggle begins afresh. But we are not slaves to our natures any longer; we have been set free! My extrovert brothers and sisters, remember: The One who gives joy and strength to introverts on Sundays is the same one who gives joy and strength to extroverts during this time of isolation! Take comfort in Him.