2020 Review & 2021 Goals

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What was 2020 like for me? And what are my goals in 2021? If you have been reading along for a while, you already know what 2020 was like, so I won’t rehash details here and just note some higher level things. My 2021 goals are probably not very exciting, but I’ll outline them here as well.

In March, I published my first article—a previously written book review—on this blog. With everything going on, it seemed like a good time to pick up the pen again, in part to clarify my own thoughts, in part to serve my church. Time will tell how successful I am, but feedback has been very positive and encouraging, and God is able to spread what I write to whoever may benefit from it.

I am thankful for the stability in my job and family through the craziness of 2020. I started working from home most days, and our homeschooled kids did not have the kind of transition that others had to suffer through. As one of the stricter states, our struggle was mostly trying to figure out which parts of executive orders to obey and which ones to disregard in common sense, while still loving and protecting others, and without teaching our kids that you only have to listen when you like what is being said. Not sure we have the answer, but we seem to have found a good balance when I look at what neighbors and peers are doing.

In 2020 I also realized that I was not made to consume as much information as I had been through social media. By design it is an echo chamber filled with the loudest voices, and because most of the information was not actionable, it contributed greatly to my anxiety. I don’t need to know everything that is wrong thousands of miles away, especially if I want to focus more on the people around me. As a result, I abandoned most of social media save a few carefully curated and limited accounts for close friends and family. Few decisions have had such positive, joyful impact.

My goals for this year are modest: keep doing what I have been doing, just better: I want to get better at applying my theology and write about it here; at home—and everywhere else—I want to become more gentle and kind and gracious; I want to study more church history from primary sources on topics relevant to today, like sola scriptura. If you stick around, you will probably read about it eventually.

Finally, thank you for reading and getting in touch with questions, feedback, and encouragement throughout the year! I very much enjoy the interactions, so please keep them coming. With that, I wish you a Happy New Year 2021! May God bless you with greater knowledge of himself for his own glory and your joy!