Life Update

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It has been two months since my last article. What happened? Unfortunately, our summer got unpredictably busy, but not with fun trips or extended family time, but work. It drained me to the point of burnout, so writing took a backseat. I guess I benefit from a stable routine and its absence created a bit of chaos. The good news is that it looks like that is changing right now. Last week was fairly normal again: Early mornings with extended time in the Scriptures (I am trying to catch up to my reading plan again; only a few days behind now!) and even a bit of writing.

I have several ideas for new articles. Before the summer I received a couple more interview answers, but need more time to edit and translate. I also started writing some more original content. One thing I’d like to write about is my system for publishing our community group discussion guides. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the nerdiest of them all.

So thank you for your patience and encouragement! I hope to be back soon.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash