Evangelium21 German Interview

Earlier this year I had the honor of interviewing Ron Kubsch of the Evangelium21 network in Germany. It’s a network of churches that focuses on the Scriptures and Reformed theology. As a German, I am immensely encouraged by this! I was also blessed by Ron’s answers to my questions. Here is the original German interview. I am working on translating it into English and will publish the translation when it’s done, but I wanted to get the original out there to honor Ron and the time he spent on it.
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The Rabinal Achi Church: An Interview

For years my church has supported Bible translators in Guatemala to bring the Scriptures to the Rabinal Achi people. In the course of that we have organized medical clinics and pastor trainings as well. One of our local partners is Eder Ixcopal. To get a better idea of the local culture and needs of the Achi church, I had the privilege of interviewing him.
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Christians and Culture: An Interview

We Christians in America have our concerns; unfortunately, we are often myopic and forget that Christianity is global. To provide us with a bit of perspective, I decided to reach out to Christians living in other cultures. This is in interview with Mr. G1 in North Africa. I pray it will be helpful to you and hope, Lord willing, that this will be the first of many.
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