No Chains

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Spurgeon’s writings are part of my steady diet. I recently added to it the Spurgeon Study Bible. It is probably the first time in many years that I am reading a physical bible again, and I am enjoying it! My reading plan took me to Psalm 37, and I fully agree with Spurgeon’s comment.

The passage is Psalm 37:4: “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.” Spurgeon writes:

When I hear persons say, “My religion consists in some things that I must do and in some things that I must not do,” I reply, “Mine consists in things I love to do and in avoiding things I hate and would scorn to do.” I feel no chains in my religion, for I am free, and no one is more free. He who fears God and is wholly God’s servant has no chains about him; he may live as he likes, for he likes to live as he ought. He may have his full desires, for his desires are holy, heavenly, and divine. He may take the full range of the utmost capacity of his wishes and desires and have all he needs and all he wishes, for God has given him the promise, and God will give him the fulfillment of it.

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